Whatcha Gonna Do?

Today was kinda a disappointing day. It started when my OB appt was canceled. Not that it was a big deal in and of itself, but they couldn’t get a hold of me (they did try) until I actually dropped kiddo off at daycare and got out there to the office. So I paid for extra daycare when I didn’t need it, plus I have to reschedule and again pay for extra daycare. I can’t blame them though, ‘cause she’ll cancel other people’s appts when it’s my turn to go into labor. Plus, I wanted to talk to her since I still can’t seem to shake this sore throat/cough and it’s been 2 weeks now. Again, it’s nothing too serious, but really truly annoying and downright intolerable at night….so sleep is still the bigger issue.

Also, at work we are already short staffed and trying to find someone to come in for extra coverage. Until then, we are just trying to make do. So my schedule has been all jacked up this week and we play musical chairs and shuffling people for coverage. However, one of the girls has been sick. And I really do feel for her, she really is not well. So today she asked if I could cover for her tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is Andrew’s birthday. I really didn’t want to get him up and out at 7 am on his birthday. So I told her I would cover in the PM for sure and see if she couldn’t find other coverage in the AM. Well, she is just coming in herself in the AM. So I feel bad. But that’s not all, we are having a Baby/Birthday Potluck tomorrow at my office for me and another preggo that I am now going to miss. Big Bummer. Again, no one is to blame, just disappointing. Plus, now we are not riding the shuttle buses, (this one is really petty). The bus drivers love Andrew and won’t get to see him on his birthday. No big deal, really.

Ok, enough of my “Whoa is me” post.

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