He loves hearing us sing the Happy Birthday song.

Well today went well for the kid. He got to school in time for lunch, then they had a party for him with graham crackers, icing and M&M’s. Then the kid took almost a 3 hour nap. (Probably since he got us up at SIX AM this morning). I worked downtown, which means he got to stay late and got plenty of Gym Time. He LOVES gym time.

We got home, long enough for us to change and head back out to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. The dinner and show pretty much stunk big time (we couldn’t even get Andrew to eat do to all the distractions), but the play area was lots of fun. I really think he had a good time. (So did his dad who swiped at least half his tokens – we had plenty). Of course by the time we left, he was understandably hungry. So we packed the pizza up and he ate some later when we got home.

Afterward, he got to open presents I think he did pretty well. An Elmo toy & Matchbox cars from Grandma & Papa H; an outfit with undies and a Thomas DVD with train from Grandma & Papa D, and a bottle of bubbles and wooden puzzle from his Mama & Dada. He was very excited and not sure what to play with first. Needless to say, he had a little trouble going down for bedtime tonight.

Here are some pictures of my little man’s day….

Andrew and his infamous firehat.

Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Trying to catch the Honey Bees

Kid Loves Buttons

Dada helping Andrew ride the Rocket Ship

Whack a Mole

Opening a Thomas the Tank DVD from Grandma D

Opening a new wooden puzzle (Found out it’s a little old for him yet)

New MatchBox Cars

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