Sorry, no news…

As I sit here and type, my son #2 is Tae Bo-ing on my bladder. How can I start to instill in him now that it is time to SLEEP!

Apparently, I need to keep my posts coming, because a break might give people the wrong idea. No…no baby yet. Still got some cooking to do…and I still have boatload of stuff I would like done first. Plus, I am a single mom this week… so baby better stay put for a little longer.

I don’t really know that anything too exciting has happened these last couple days. We worked a bunch around the house, just playing catch-up from the last few weeks when we weren’t worth anything due to illness. We got a lot of laundry done, went through closets, drawers, etc…went grocery shopping, yada yada yada. We also got Marc all ready for his business trip this week. I just heard from him and he arrived safe and sound as was at his hotel getting ready to crash for the night. I guess due to high winds, the flight there wasn’t that fun and delayed them a couple different times.

Get this… I still have over 4 weeks until baby is due, right? Well, Marc has this ex-coworker from 2 jobs ago that he still keeps in touch with. I hardly know him at all, but have chatted with him a few times. His wife works for the hospital too (I’ve never met her), so I’ll also see him occasionally picking up the kiddos from the hospital daycare. Well, his wife already put an extra car seat in their car and told Marc they are ready if I need someone to call and get Andrew this week should I got into labor. Isn’t that sweet (a little funny, too)?

Today was a beautiful day. I am hoping for more of the same this week. I have a monster list of things I want to get done this week above and beyond the typical everyday house keep up. Yes, a bit of nesting has creeped in.

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