What’s gotten into me? (oh yes…a child)

Not sure if it’s because hubby is gone, it’s officially spring, or I am nesting, but I’ve been going nuts around the house. I started Sunday night and haven’t stopped. I’ve gone through Andrew’s clothes, rearranged his closets/drawers, pulled out baby stuff, organized and divided all his toys, went completely through and organized my drawers and closet (something I really haven’t done since I’ve been married and now have 3 garbage bags full for Goodwill), made 4 Mac & cheese dinners for our freezer, went grocery shopping, paid bills, plus I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with the daily items of necessity such as dinner, dishes, laundry, etc. Whew. Yes, I’ve been working, too, along with dry-cleaning and pharmacy errands. Andrew and I even took a walk after work today, I watched Apprentice yesterday and Scrubs tonight. And here is the kicker…. I started packing bags for the hospital. Really.

Today is the 21st. That means I have exactly one month until I am due. One MONTH! On one hand, I feel big as a house and ready to have this baby out. On the other hand, on some level, it totally still doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t seem possible that we are going to have another child, let alone a baby here shortly.

I’ve talked to Marc and he seems to be doing just fine. His training is going well, he got to take a trip into New York last night where according to him he had the best steak of his life…. without an even close second. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

Andrew is doing well. Still on antibiotics and a slight cough, but otherwise as silly as ever. His little imagination is just flourishing. He will start a game of pretend catch with me several times throughout the day. He also pretends to eat food and offers it to me…. it’s always applesauce. We’ve been having fun, just the two of us, although I’ll admit, it is nice to hand him off when he is feeling needy, like a terrible two, or just loud and right now, I am it. He misses his dada, too. He keeps asking about him when we aren’t home, “Dada Home?” When I say, no, he says “Dada at work…on airplane”. It’s very cute.

Ok, it is late…little man will be up early. And yes, I am tired. (And I still have a whole list of things to work on this week). So I need to get to bed. Hopefully, Blogger will be up and running so that you can actually read this post. (They are actually making me nervous, since I’ve come to value my entries saved here as a form of journaling…. and I’m scared they are going to lose all my thoughts and memories. They currently do not have an easy way to export posts, so I’ve done a hack job on it just in case, but it is not reader friendly and I hope I never have to use it). Ok, off my rabbit trail. ‘Night.

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