We are a family of four!

Well, what is life like with two kids?  I don’t know yet.   I am still recovering and therefore not doing a whole lot, my mom is here to help out (i.e.: keeping up with a super busy Andrew so I can attend to AJ), and the new little man is (gasp, I hate to even put it in writing) a really good baby.   And I mean really good.  Scary good.    All I knew is how Andrew was as a baby and let me tell you…. not easy.  Not a bit.  So maybe we are due a good baby, or maybe he is still just sleeping off the birth, but regardless I am all for it!  (Excuse me, while I find wood to knock on).

So what have we been up to?  We got home Saturday late afternoon.  Pretty much just hung out through Sunday.   Although mom and Andrew did get outside to play Sunday afternoon while Marc worked in the yard.  The weather’s been beautiful so far this week!  

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day on the phone.  Schedule doctors appts for myself and AJ, multiple calls trying to figure out the daycare situation while I am on maternity leave, calls to human resources for all that good stuff, etc…  Plus the calls from caring family and friends.  After lunch and afternoon naps, we went to an incredible playground not too far from our house.  Mom and Andrew played HARD for a good while, while AJ and I hung out sitting in the shade.  Much to Marc’s delight we got Chinese for dinner.  Ryan was in town for work, so he spent the night and we had some other friends stop in last night and bring us ice cream.   It was a nice day. But boy, Andrew was exhausted by bedtime.

This morning we got up and got Andrew to daycare for his field trip (we didn’t want him to miss it since they’ve been planning it for a little while now).  Since I was pretty much ‘at work’, I went ahead and went in and showed off AJ to my co-workers while faxing all the lovely paperwork to HR.   Mom and I then hit McDonalds for salads before picking Andrew back up at daycare.  They said the field trip was great (they walked to the local library for song, story and craft time) and will be going again every Tuesday during the month of April.  Which works perfectly with Andrew’s new daycare schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-12p.  

Now at this point, we really should have put Andrew down for a nap, but I had a doctor appt that we had to get to.   Without being too graphic, I had to get ‘re-stitched’ today, so I am moving S.L.O.W. pretty much the rest of the day.   We all came home for late but much needed naps.  Now, Marc took Andrew over to some friends house for a boys evening of hamburgers and playing on a swing set.  My mom headed out to Kohl’s, AJ is sleeping and I am just sitting here with the remote, the phone and the laptop.  My little cockpit.

Overall, things are going well and I can’t complain.  My digital camera is on the fritz (which really irritates me…couldn’t be worse timing).  Ok, ok, I found something to complain about.   Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of soon and get some more pictures posted of my boys here soon.  Thanks for all the comments of congrats and care!  I really appreciate it.

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