Stupid Meatloaf

Well, so much for not having much going on this week.   Monday night, I took meatloaf out of the freezer for dinner.   When it still was frozen at dinnertime and we had errands to run, I stuck it in the fridge and we hit Wendy’s.   Then we picked up some gifts at Babies R Us for some friends of ours who just had twins and we hit Home Depot to get more items for our yard.  (We got more bricks, more dirt, and more flowers.)  Marc then worked in the yard while I juggled the kids.

Tuesday, Andrew was supposed to go to daycare, but the car wouldn’t start.  So we switched days to Friday and stayed home.  It rained all day, so there wasn’t much we could do to burn off his energy.  However, in the afternoon, I had two girlfriends come over (one of them brought us a really great dinner) with their babies.  So it was really nice to chat for a while and Andrew loved up on their kiddos.  When Marc got home we headed off to the hospital to visit the new twins.  Get this…twins, right?  One baby was 8lbs 6oz and the other was 6lbs 4oz.   Talk about a superwomen of a mom they have.

This morning we all got up early and dropped the car off at the shop before Marc went to work.  (Um…new alternator and battery needed….expensive day).  Then, I tried to cook the meatloaf from Monday for lunch today since I didn’t want it to go bad.  But after an hour (and past lunch time) it was still RED in the middle.  So it was peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  The day turned out beautiful, so after Andrew’s nap time (yea, AJ has taken nothing but short little cat naps today, it’s been lovely).  We went out in the backyard for a while.  I potted the container plants, while Andrew played in his elephant pool, with his mower and with his dump truck, all which were soaked by the time he was finished.   Finally, this evening, the Dressler’s came over for dinner.

Now, Andrew is in bed and our AJ is being cranky, so I am trying to write this fast.  Marc is currently rocking him, but wants to go for a jog.   So I will wrap this up.   Have a great night.

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