I never really got it until I became a mom.

Andrew woke up early from his nap, so I put in the new (to us) movie, “Prince of Egypt”.  Now, I know the story.  I’ve read, heard, and watched the story over and over and over.  I know how it goes.  I know how it ends.  


While watching the beginning with Andrew, I caught myself practically sobbing watching Moses mama put him in the basket and send him down the river.  I was holding my hands over my face to keep Andrew from noticing how upset I was.  But I think he picked up on it, because then he started asking over and over, “Where’s baby going?”  So I had to make my voice sound as normal as possible (and not squeaky and sniffly) and reply, “he’s going in the basket”.     Augh.   It was awful.  I mean, I know Moses mom gets to take care of him after all and everything…but man, she did not know that when she put him in the water.   RIP MY HEART OUT!

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