Ramblings about the value of blogging.

As those of you who actually read this blog have probably already come to realize,  my posting has taken a back seat ever since I became the mother of two.  It seems that I have limited time to do things other than take care of my boys.  And when I do find time, I have other “higher priority” things to do than blogging.  In fact, I usually feel like I am “wasting” my time when I am posting rather than doing the dishes, or working on laundry, etc…  

However, after going back and reading past posts and recalling clear memories of simple things that I would have long forgotten…  I realize that blogging should really be a high priority.   I love being able to read about the silly things my Andrew does, or about our family activities, or about major events like giving away our Rocky or the birth of our AJ (April was a busy month).    

How else will I remember that my Andrew’s favorite phrase this age is “Whad you doing?” with an emphasis on the “-ing”.  And that he will repeatedly ask it HUNDREDS of times a day and several times back to back regardless of whether you answer him or not.  

How else will I remember how my feelings change about things?  For example: Before I became a mom, I would have probably wanted to see the movie, Poseidon.  And now, just the previews upset me when I think of parents trying to save their children on a sinking boat.

How else will I remember how hard my hubby has been working on keeping up our newly landscaped yard?  Yet, how at almost thirty he still will come in from working and play racecar video games.  Which by the way, Andrew LOVES to watch.  “More racing, dada.”  “Auw! Dada weck (wreck)!”

How else will I remember how sweet and snuggly my AJ is and what a good little guy he is.   He just woke up from sleeping in his bouncy seat where he put himself to sleep about 45 minutes ago.   HE PUT HIMSELF TO SLEEP!  Do any of you understand the magnitude of that?  

Anyway, just because I’ve realized the value of blogging, I don’t want to feel like I now must create posts of great significance in order to justify typing over of vacuuming.  But I want to remind myself that I am recording snippets of our lives and to me, that is a high priority.  

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