Is it Tuesday yet?

Well, it’s late, but Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope all you Mothers and Mother’s-Someday had a wonderful day.   Mine was nice.  We went to Ohio this weekend to see family.  So Friday night I spent all day packing up for the weekend.  Now that I have two children, it literally took me all day to pack for two nights.   We will be gone for a whole week later this month.  At that rate, maybe I should start packing for that trip now.  

The weather was a bummer this weekend, as it rained the entire time.  We were stuck inside all weekend.  The guys did make a go at fishing, but were freezing and soaked when they returned early.  

Today was a busy one.  I took Andrew to daycare this morning, came home with AJ to shower and get ready, feed him, eat lunch, etc…  Then I headed back to daycare to volunteer at a teacher appreciation lunch.   I had AJ with me and he did so well considering I was there for a couple hours.   I popped him into the sling and he slept happy as can be.  (Sometimes when he is sleeping in the sling, I wonder if in his little mind he thinks, “Aahh!  It was all a bad dream”) Anyway, after the lunch, since I was at work already and Andrew was napping in his classroom, I went over and got my mandatory TB test.  I then stopped in to see my co-workers for a bit.   Then I picked up my Andrew and we finally headed home.     By that time, AJ needed fed again, Andrew and I needed a snack and I was tired.  So we popped in a Veggie Tales and vegged for a bit.   (Andrew tries the sing the Veggie Tales theme song… it’s really cute).  Soon it was time to pull dinner together (meatballs and sauce over rice and broccoli with cheese – and yes, both Marc and Andrew had the try one bite of the broccoli and cheese….little do they know that there was also a little broccoli in the meatball sauce.  Ssshhhhh….please don’t tell.)   After dinner, we all headed to the mall so Marc could look at fish finders and Andrew could run a bit in the play area.  Back at home, I got Andrew in bed, Marc mowed the front lawn and we watched the Pistons LOSE to the Cavs.  Arg!  

Finally I just finished watching a late Apprentice and now I am heading to bed, since this just might be the most boring post I have ever written.  I’m tired.  Blame it on NBC’s program line-up.

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