The Baffling Bubble Song

On the way home from Ohio Sunday night, out of nowhere, Andrew started asking me to sing the Bubble Song. “Sing Bubble Song, Mama!”

Um…I don’t know a bubble song.

So I asked him about it and he just kept asking me to sing the Bubble Song. So I thought and started singing Tiny Bubbles knowing full well that can’t be what song he is referring to. “No! No! No! Sing the Bubble Song”. I kept asking him what song he was talking about. Marc got into it too asking him to sing it first since we didn’t know that song thinking it might be something he learned at daycare. But he wouldn’t he just kept insisting we sing the Bubble Song. I started singing Taking Home My Baby Bumble Bee thinking maybe bubble meant bumble. I even sang the Rubber Duck song from Sesame Street thinking maybe bubble was a bath song. Nothing would satisfy him. He wanted the Bubble Song and we didn’t know what it was. We then tried to distract him by offering to sing the ABC’s and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. After a long stretch of this guessing, he finally gave up on us.

Yesterday, on the way to daycare, I was singing Jesus Loves Me to the boys. As soon as I finished “…the Bible tells me so”, Andrew started up again about the Bubble Song. So, I start the think maybe bubble is Bible and I start to sing Jesus Loves Me again. “No, no, no! The Bubble Song!”

Finally I start singing The B.I.B.L.E and lo and behold… THAT, my friends, is the Bubble song! Even got a “Yeah!” out of him. He likes me to sing it, and then he says, “Bible!” at the end.

Mystery solved.
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