Calgon, take me away!

Last night, Ryan was in town and crashing at our place. So Marc and him went out in the evening for a bit. No problem, right? I took the boys for a long wagon ride before dinner. Then I fed myself and Andrew leftover meatballs with sauce and rice. Well, Andrew’s bowl with his second serving of rice ended up face down on the carpet. No big deal. I’ll deal with it later, because it was bath time.

I get Andrew playing in the tub and wash AJ in the baby tub on the bathroom floor. Usually AJ does really well with his tubs, but not this time. He screamed the entire time! I finish him up and lay him wrapped up on the bed in order to quick wash Andrew while AJ continued crying. After washing Andrew, I decide to nurse AJ a bit to calm him down while Andrew finishes playing in the tub. I just get AJ latched on and Andrew stands up to say he is done. If you’ve read these posts before you know that Andrew does not volunteer to get out of the tub unless…. That’s right… He POOPED in the tub. However, this time he is old enough to get in trouble for it.

I pull him out with one arm; make him sit a towel on the bathroom floor with another towel wrapped around him while I finish with AJ. Fortunately, since AJ was so worked up before, he fell asleep on my lap and I was able to put him down. Then I got to work scooping poop, sanitizing the tub, running his tub toys through the dishwasher, etc… AUGH! I come downstairs from cleaning up and find out that it has been raining outside. Our wagon, blankets, and shoes were still out there. AUGH again. Finally I had to pull out the vacuum to pick up all the sticky rice off the floor. I was so thankful when bedtime came.

I sat down with the TV remote to veg a bit with AJ in my lap, when he decide to have a complete and utterly explosive poop up the back, through the clothes and onto me. It was lovely.

Marc got home, I handed him the now very awake baby, and took a nice hot shower.

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