WARNING: Sick Child Post Ahead

Well, it’s been quite the 24 hours.   In the past 24 hours, between the boys, I’ve cleaned up 5 blowouts, 3 pee-outs and 1 puke.  The last one happened in the Target changing room.  Yes, a portion of that was from my infant where blowouts and pee-outs are par for the course.   But the majority was from Andrew, who seemed to have caught a bug or something.  Poor kid, just was not feeling well last night and today.   So, I currently have a nice load of laundry to do along with a fair share of clothes soaking in my sink right now.  

Well, today didn’t feel real productive.  It started out with good intentions.  We were going to hit Target and Meijer quick, before picking up cheesy breadsticks and heading to the airport observation area for lunch.  Andrew had been asking to go for a while, so since this was the first decent day we’ve had, I told him we would go.   During Sesame Street and Blue Clues, I did get laundry and some other work around the house done before heading out.  Our first stop was Target.  And though our list wasn’t long, our stay was much longer than planned.  I was trying on a couple shirts to fit my new just-had-my-second-baby figure, when Andrew gets really fussy all of a sudden (He was a little cranky but fine up until this point) and starts crying to go home and BLAUGH….he pukes everywhere.   Um…now what.  Wet wipes to the rescue.  I get him and the floor all cleaned up, tell the Target folk about it (who surprisingly seemed un-phased about the whole thing), and check out.   By now, Andrew reeks, but not from the puke.  The kid seriously needs a diaper change.  But this was a grosser than gross diaper.  He had an immediately-take-a-bath diaper last night, but I praying it was a fluke.    I get him changed and decide that Meijer will have to wait.  

Once we got in the car, Andrew was happy as ever.  It was like he got it out of his system and felt a world better.  And of course, is asking all about the airport.  So, I have a dilemma.   Do I just go home, writing off the airport since I have a sick child.  Or, do I do the one thing my sick child wants to do, and risk it.  He is feeling better.  We go the airport, which fortunately isn’t too far from our house and thankfully Andrew did just fine.  It wasn’t until we are about ready to leave did I realize he had another potential diaper issue.  We go home (with him sitting on a changing pad) and get him changed, and his clothes soaking and in the bath (yes, it was THAT bad) and sent him to bed.  

By that time, I was tired (up with both boys last night), so AJ and I climbed in bed and we all took nice long naps.  I slept so hard that 2 hours later when Andrew woke me up, I thought it was morning again for a few minutes.   After his nap, Andrew seemed to be feeling much better.

The Dressler’s came over tonight with their little guy (we gave them fair warning) to grill out, so it was nice catching up with them.  And we even got some peanut butter crackers in Andrew before bed (still wasn’t interested in eating at dinnertime).  So here’s hoping that it’s all over.  Of course, we watched the Pistons barely pull through to keep their season alive.  

So, once again, I am going to try to finish my scrapbook page and possibly get it posted tonight since I didn’t get it done last night.  Oops, baby is awake.  We can probably write off that scrapbook page tonight. Have a great weekend.  

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