The Perfect Storm

Well, the bug that Andrew had has been passed along to me.  In fact, that’s not all.   Last night could be labeled as miserable.

  1. My allergies all of sudden kicked up to the point I was carrying around a box of Puffs Plus and breathing through my mouth
  2. I got a plugged milk duct, which was very tender, causing me to have a fever and thus the chills.
  3. Due to the bug Andrew gave me, I was making frequent runs to the restroom all night.

All of these came on after dinner last night and kept up through this morning.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to church.  Marc was up with the boys last night and this morning (while I slept in), so he is napping now.  We were supposed to have lunch with some friends this afternoon, but we backed out of that one, too.  

I am actually feeling better now.  My allergy attack subsided, my duct seems better and my trips to the restroom have waned.   I’m just tired now.   And since all my boys are napping, that’s where I am heading, too.

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