Home on the Range

So, we are all home safe and sound. It was a nice week in Ohio. Andrew got spoiled, AJ got spoiled, and I got spoiled.

But now we are home, and I am exhausted. But I wanted to post something since it’s been a while.

We got home on Thursday evening. Friday morning, I realize we have no food in the house. At least no milk, juice, bread, or anything to feed the boy a breakfast. I need to go get my free coffee, so I decide we’ll just grab a muffin and eat breakfast before getting groceries. Well, we pass Krispy Kreme on the way to the coffee shop, so we stop in and come to find out that it was National Donut Day and they gave us each a free donut. Nice. We got our donuts, my coffee and a muffin to split and head to the airport observation area to eat breakfast before heading to Meijer.

Marc got home from his trip later that afternoon. And he showed up with a dozen roses. Ain’t he a sweetie! We spent the rest of the evening just lounging around, enjoying that fact that we were all home again.

This morning I got an early wake up call from my friend asking if I wanted to go garage sale-ing with her. Um…yeah! So I hop up, get somewhat ready, run and get free coffees for us, get AJ ready (Andrew stayed home with dad) and we headed out. We hit a major neighborhood sale, so it was hours of walking with AJ in my wrap. On a side note, I was a little hesitant about wearing the wrap around thinking I would get weird looks, but I got so many comments on how great it was, how they’ve never seen one like that, how perfect it fit, etc. Most were surprised when I mentioned it was just a piece of long fabric. Literally, someone commented on it at almost every sale. However, I did get one rude lady ask me if I was suffocating my baby. “Yea, lady…I don’t bother to make sure he can breathe.” But he was all snuggled up and slept pretty much the whole time. Anyway, I got a lot of good stuff. A hat, sunglasses, and new-in-package curling brush for me. Then for Andrew, I got 36 matchbox cars with case, 4 veggie tales videos, 1 Thomas video, a fireman hat and a winter coat. All this for less than a Jackson. However after 5 hours of walking with a baby strapped on (and two nights of horrible sleep – AJ had issues), I am exhausted.

We had the Dresslers over for dinner of grilled steak. Marc got a new “recipe” and it was wonderful. Now they are gone, both boys are finally down and I am getting ready to head to bed myself. I wish, I truly wish, that I had been on top of blogging this past week, as Andrew has said some of the cutest things, but do you think I can think of any of them now? I even remember thinking… “I need to post that”. Bummer.

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