Bye Bye….SAHM.


This is my last weekday off work before my maternity leave ends.   And I am bummed about it.   I really don’t have a big problem going back to work and I know that, for now, I need to… but man; I have loved being off with the boys.   And it’s not like I work 12-hour days or anything.  It’s only a part time, 20-22 hour (most of the time, sometimes it’s much more) week job.  No stress.  

However, my shift is from 12-4pm…  Right in the middle of the day.  So, by the time I get us all fed breakfast and ready for the day…. it doesn’t leave much time before we must leave to get kiddos with the daycare/sitter and myself off to work.   And again in the evening, by the time I will have picked up the kiddos and home, it will be time to start thinking about dinner.  

I really can’t (or shouldn’t) complain, but it still feels like the whole day is gone, even though I only work 4 hours.  It still makes it hard to keep up with all the housework and it still makes it hard to get in all the playing/fun/trips to the zoo, beach, museum, etc… in that I would love to do…especially during these summer months.

So this morning, we got up and went to get my coffee and a chai tea for Kari before heading over to her house.  I needed a lesson and parts to use the breast pumps at work.  We visit there before a quick stop at Target before lunch.  This morning, Andrew asked for an Old McDonald Wunch (lunch).   He never asks, and since this is my last day being able to spoil him in that sense, we stopped and got an Old McDonald Wunch.  We brought it home and he ate an entire plain double cheeseburger and ½ a medium fry.  Wowsers.  That’s as much as me!   Now he and his brother as napping.  Nice.

The positive note I keep telling myself about going back to work, is that I walk a ton.  That is a big reason why I think AJ showed up early.  And hopefully this will help me take the rest of this baby weight off.   Skinny butt jeans… here I come.

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