Night out

I won, I won.  I won an item off e-bay.  The funny thing is that I am so excited about it.  Especially considering what it is.  Extra Storage adapters for my bottling system.  Nothing exciting.  However, I did get a good deal, since I got two sets for a total of $15 (including S&H), when 1 set usually runs that much.  I just wish I had them now.  I really could have used them last night and today since I am now ‘pumping’ at work.  Plus I had to have extra on hand for tonight since….
Two of my girlfriends and myself are leaving the kids with our hubbies and going out to dinner and a movie!   I couldn’t care where we eat or what we watch, I am so looking forward to it!  By the way, we are eating at Olive Garden and watching The Breakup.    Which means that Marc will have both boys for a good stretch of time.  Pray for him. 
Side note:  AJ has been accepted in the hospital daycare and will start July 10th.  So we won’t have to do the sitter at home AND daycare thing much longer. 

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