Working Mommy = Messy House

Girls Night Out:  Great Dinner, Great Company, Bad Movie.   But even with the bad movie, it was still a great evening.  One that we need to instill on a regular basis.  And not of us got a call on our cell phone from a desperate husband looking for relief.  It was very enjoyable.


Other than that, I have been working.  The kiddos & hubby are doing just fine.  The house is suffering a bit (along with my kids hygiene), but hey…it’s my first week back.  Gimme a break…baths are on the agenda for tonight.


This weekend is Father’s Day.  So, for Father’s Day, Marc and his buddy are heading to Point Blanc Island for a weekend of roughing it.  Which leaves me as a single parent for a few days.  I have a TON to do around the house (see above paragraph), but we may have to have a little fun Saturday morning.   I am thinking…get my coffee, grab some breakfast (either from home, or out) and hit the airport.  Andrew has been asking all week to go.  We may also hit the big playground too, but maybe we will save that for Sunday.  Tomorrow, I am not planning much, as I am expecting work to be crazy busy and therefore, I will probably be pooped when I get home.  Other than maybe a walk around our block, we will probably just hang out at home.   So, if I don’t get a chance to write tomorrow, have a great weekend. 


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