The boys are "Shiny & Clean, Shiny & Clean" (from a Thomas the Tank show)

In case anyone was concerned, I did make sure my boys got baths last night. Marc took Andrew and I took AJ. However, while I was down at the kitchen sink with AJ, I could hear Marc and Andrew up in the bathroom. I am not sure who was louder or who was having more fun. I don’t know what was going on, but there was a lot of laughing and it sounded like a splash party was in the works.

Ok, I was dying this morning on the way to work. I’ve determined that I have turned into a garage sale junkie. Not so much that I buy a lot of stuff and I feel I do pretty good at not buying ‘junk’. However, I love just going to them and browsing. Around here most garage sales start on Friday. So this morning, on my drive in, I passed maybe 50 (no joke) garage sale signs. Auuugh! And I doubt I will head out tomorrow because I have both kiddos since Marc is gone. Unless of course, I find an efficient set of sales, like a block sale or church sale or the like. Maybe I’ll check the paper. My latest quest is shorts for Andrew. (although we should keep him in jeans just for the protection is gives his poor knees.)

Well, it’s Friday and so far (knock on wood) today hasn’t been as horribly busy as it could have been. I am thankful for that. And now that I am back in the working world again, I can say….YEA, IT’S FRIDAY!! Weekend, here I come.

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