Flying High

Well, we aren’t going to the airport tomorrow morning… that’s because we went tonight.  Once I got home and AJ woke from his nap and was fed, we hit Little Caesar’s for their $5 pizza.  We took it to the airport and ate our dinner there.  We did see a few take off and land, but overall…it was a slow go.   We then hit Meijer for a little grocery shopping.  

Since it was so hot, and I am doing the mom thing by myself this weekend, I thought a margarita sounded wonderful once the boys went to bed.  Well, I am not one to drink and tell, but I have to give props (I feel so gansta just writing that) to this margarita recipe.  It was unbelievable…and one was plenty enough.  

So, tomorrow I am not sure what we are going to do.  There is a huge church nearby that is having a HUGE garage sale.  They rent out their parking lot and each spot is like a separate garage sale.  Talk about efficient.  It’s the one I look forward to each summer.  I didn’t realize it was this weekend until this afternoon.  However, I am just not sure I can do it with both boys.  Well, I can…but not sure it would be worth it.  Especially if it is as hot as today.  But of course, we will have to get up and out and get my coffee.  I only have until the end of the month to use up the rest of my cards and I haven’t been going now that I am back to work.  So we’ll just see how adventurous I feel once I get my grande skinny Carmel Marvel in me, to see if we hit the sales or not.

Ok, I am heading to bed.  ‘Night

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