If only everyday were Saturday.

It’s been confirmed.  All the sleeping genes went to our youngest son.  Last night, again, he went down at 10pm, got up at 3am & 6am for mere minutes and finally woke up this morning at 8:30.  By that time, I already had breakfast going, vacuuming & mopping of the kitchen done.    Then, he took a nice long nap the same time as his brother.  You know what that means?!  I got to take a nice long nap, too.  (Although I had weird dreams, but that is beside the point).    He also slept off and on this morning as well.

Well, once AJ got up and I got everyone fed, changed, dressed, etc…  we did run out and get my coffee and we did, in fact, hit the sales.   It really wasn’t bad at all.  Not too crowded, not too hot (yet…it’s over 90 now), and not too big that we were there forever.  We got it all covered in less than an hour.  I took the stroller, so AJ could ride and Andrew walk half the time and the other half, AJ slept in my wrap and Andrew rode.  It actually worked out nicely.    I didn’t find much.  But I did get 3 shorts and 1 hat for Andrew ($3.50).  That was the extent of my purchases.  But I guess since shorts are what I was looking for, I call it a success.

We came home, ate leftover pizza for lunch and had our naps.  Now we are just hanging out (too hot to go outside right now).  I need to clean for a bit today yet.    Then maybe we will be able to head back outside later tonight once it cools a bit.  I see at least some root beer floats in our future.

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