We made it.

Last night was somewhat rough.  As I half expected, AJ decided that an early 8pm bedtime meant it was time to be bright eye and ready to go at 2am.   So between feeding and changing and rocking, I was able to get him back to sleep an hour later.  Since I was up, I checked on Andrew…who was completely upside down in bed and near the edge.  I moved him back around so he wouldn’t fall out just to realize that he was soaked waist down.  I just cannot keep that boy dry at night.  This is a daily occurrence.   So I lift him onto the floor and change him and lift him back into bed.  He never woke up.  In fact, while I was disposing of his wet items, he rolled over, curled up and seemingly snuggled up to the floor.  Talk about a heavy sleeper.

Anyway, during all this, I was thinking to myself that we just might be skipping church this morning.  After little sleep, and trying to get both boys up and out, at 3am it seemed like too much of a challenge.   However, come 7:30am, we were all up…so why not.  We even were ready in time for me to grab my coffee on the way.  

However, on the way to church, it dawns on me that I completely forgot to change Andrew’s shirt.  He was still wearing the one he slept in.  It was old, with faded screenprint, discolored around the neck from past stains and even a little hole in the back.  That’s why he only sleeps in it.  I even considered hitting the Meijer near church quick to buy him a nicer shirt, but we would have been really late.   So I sent him as he was.  Tattered shirt and all.

Church was good, although it was tricky juggling Andrew, the diaper bag, the car seat, and my coffee.   Andrew did great in his class.  And I had my usual Sunday service…  in for praise and worship before and after the sermon and out in the hall walking/feeding/changing a baby during the service.  But all in all, it went just fine and I am glad we made it.

Now, after lunch of chicken nuggets and cheese sandwiches, both boys are down for naps.  I should be to, but I am working on laundry and I want to read the paper.  Although, I guess they both could wait.   Hmmm… I think my bed is calling my name.  

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