Five minute turned into five hours

For a while now our kitchen faucet has been pretty bad.  Leaky, spray-ey, etc…  to the point where we had duct tape on the sprayer.  Well, finally today Marc went out and bought a new sprayer.   There was much more that needed fixed, but at least for $15 we could get rid of the duct tape.  But because of how the sink was set up underneath, there was no way we could remove the old sprayer.  Trust me, we tried.   We ended up cutting the old tube that carries the water.  Which means, the only way we can fix it, is to take the entire faucet apart.  So, what do we do…. call our friend, Andy who knows more about it than we do.    We figure, we have to take the whole thing apart anyway…. maybe we should replace the whole thing.   Well, Andy and Marc head to Lowe’s and bring back a cool faucet.  However, it was the wrong finish.  Our sink is a matte finish and this was a super shiny…. So back to Lowes they go for this one. All this time, I am giving the boys baths and trying to get them down to bed.  While trying to clean up the kitchen, I accidentally dumped Andy’s 92-piece wrench set.   So, for the next hour I strained my eyes reading itty-bitty fractions to put all his pieces back into his case.   Anyway, I got the kids to bed, his tools back together, and folded clothes and they are still in the kitchen working on it.  I have to give them credit.  They have really run into some roadblocks and so far are still working hard at it with minimal swearing.  I am really excited about it, though.  It will look really nice and will be so much better than what we had…  I just don’t think I am going to miss that duct tape.

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