All drains lead to the ocean…or the ER

My parents came up this weekend. Andrew was so excited that early Saturday morning, he came into our room with the last piece of paper from the chain link saying, “One more all done”. (We kept telling him on Friday that he still had one more night-night, one more wake-up, one more link, etc…).

Dad and Marc spent the morning fishing, so Mom and myself and the boys went for a walk and hit some garage sales in our neighborhood. We got some cool basketball outfits, a big truck book and winter boots for Andrew. Then we picked up an Old McDonald’s lunch on the way to the airport observation area. It was a good busy day. We say lots of planes take off and land. Finally, we hit Meier for a quick stop for a few groceries. Well, the quick stop turned into a full-fledged event as it just happed to be “Kids Daze”. Andrew got to catch his own goldfish, he got stickers and balloons and ice cream. However, if you’ve seen Finding Nemo and know the dentist’s niece, then you know how Andrew treated his new goldfish in it’s water filled plastic bag. That poor fish was ran with, shaken, attempted to be pulled through the holes in the cart, etc… He didn’t have a chance. When we put him in his bowl after got home, he, um, was, um…. belly up. Fortunately, Andrew didn’t form any type of bond and cared less that his 45-minute pet was now in fishy heaven. So a’ flushing we will go.

It’s already way past naptime since our Meijer trip took much longer than we expected. We came home, shortly before the guys got home from fishing and we all took naps. Then for dinner, we got treated to Mongolian BBQ. One of our favorite restaurants! After coming home to feed AJ and change Andrew’s clothes due to spilled water, Andrew, mom and myself headed back out to the playground where Andrew ran and played and swung and was perfectly happy and healthy. We came home for some root beer floats and baths before heading to bed.

Last night, around 1-2am, Andrew woke up crying pretty hard. This is not totally unheard of. Marc went in his room, calmed him down, snuggled him and he went back to bed. Then this morning around 6 when the guys were getting ready to go fishing, Andrew was fussing again. So my dad went up to check on him. He tried to stand Andrew up and he kept falling. This happened 3 times. Dad just thought he was still half asleep and brought him down and stuck him in bed with my mom where he went back to sleep. This morning, when mom and Andrew got up (they let me sleep in a bit), Andrew wouldn’t put any weight on his foot. At first we just thought maybe it was asleep, but after a few hours of my normally busy, running, jumping boy just sitting, wanting carried everywhere and crying when his foot was touched, we decided to take him to the Urgent Care Center.

He did so well and was so brave. Of course, I had to explain numerous times that we had no idea what happened or how he hurt his foot. It was swollen but not bruised. Well, 5 x-rays later, they couldn’t find a break or anything obviously wrong, so I expected them to send us home telling us to ice it, keep Motrin in him, etc…. No, they told us they wanted us to go to the ER to have a pediatric radiologist check it out. Of course, my hubby (whose cell phone is like a fifth limb) doesn’t have his phone on him and has no idea that we are not at church.

We pack up and head to the hospital where he got a complete work over. And hours later we were sent home with no new news. Just keep Motrin in him and watch for redness and fever. Hmmm… bizarre.

By now it’s way past lunchtime and naptime. We gave him a quick peanut butter sandwich and put him in bed for almost a 3-hour nap. We order pizza since it was so late in the day and we were all starving. Then we all crashed too for a good while.

The good news is that after his nap, he started to slowly put a little pressure on his foot. He crawled around the house for a while, then limped pretty heavily, then walked gingerly on it. Finally, late this evening, he was walking fine on it with no notable limp. He still didn’t do any running on it, but at least it was better and I am pretty comfortable sending him to daycare tomorrow. I am so thankful he is feeling better, but so baffled by his mysterious injury. Maybe he kicked the wall, or maybe he fell out of bed. No idea. Too weird. But he did so good considering his foot hurt, he was hungry, he was tired, we had long waits in tiny rooms, etc… Well, with two boys this may not be my last trip to ER, but I thankful it wasn’t something serious.

And that is a large nutshell was our weekend. Hope yours was adventurous, too.

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