Are we there yet?!

We hit the road tonight.  We are heading to Iowa to visit, “Damma & Papa Dyst-a”.  And again, the kiddo couldn’t be more excited.  He’s been talking about it all the time since we told him we were going to their house.  It was so funny this morning…Marc was asking him what he was going to do today and Andrew started listing the usual breakfast, school, etc.. then it was like all of a sudden the light bulb clicked with huge gasp… “Damma & Papa Dyst-a house!”.  It was so funny.
All morning he kept asking if we were going ‘now?’.  Going to see Papa Dystwa now?  So I had to keep telling him we had to get coffee (my last freebie *sniff*), then come home, then go to school, then come home, then a loooong car ride THEN we are there.    I feel bad for my in-laws.  They had a crazy week of travel to and from NY for a conference.  And due to the flooding, it took them 28 hours just to fly home.  And now because of the time change and Andrew being an early riser and his sheer excitement…I have a feeling he is going to want to wake them up first thing each morning.  
On an AJ note:  I think the kid is going through a growth spurt.  Y’know how when you’ve been away from someone a while you notice changes easier than if you see them everyday?  Well, I see AJ everyday and everyday lately I think he grows a chunk. His appetite and sleeping have gone up noticeably in the last day or two as well.  He is in 6-9 mo. jammies and isn’t even 3 mo. old yet.  But man, is he a cutie.  This will be he first trip to Iowa.
So I’ve spent the last couple days trying to pack up and get ready for the trip.  It’s been pretty busy.  And if I don’t write again until we get back sometime Tuesday, have a wonderful Independence Day!

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