Can we do it? Yes, we can!

Our laptop is in the ‘shop’ once again, so I am writing once again from a loaner laptop. This will be quick as there is a bunch I need to do and AJ will be awake and hungry any minute now.

Pray for us.

First of all, AJ starts daycare tomorrow. As far as him in daycare goes, I am not concerned. He is good and they are good and he’s only there for a couple hours, so I am not worried. However, it will be challenging on my end getting everything ready for both boys and myself each day for daycare/work. AJ requires quite the list of things for those few hours. I am also not looking forward to the dropping off and picking up aspect. It’s going to feel like all that will take just as long as it takes me to work.

Secondly, Marc leaves for Detroit tonight and won’t get home until Thursday night. So I am single mom this week. This week, this crazy week and it’s me and the boys. I already told daycare to not be surprised if their hair isn’t combed, clothes aren’t changed, etc…

Thirdly, pray for Marc as he is in training. That he will pick up the material, not get too bored or lonely. This schedule could be his schedule for the next 6 weeks, so if you see us in a frazzled state, that is why.

Ok, I will post more later, but now I need to start pulling all the paperwork, bottle parts, etc… together for AJ and help Marc do laundry and pack for his trip. Oh!, and keep two boys happy. Have a great week.

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