Smooth like butter

Well, I was going to post again last night, but our loaner laptop died.  I am thinking maybe we were meant to not have a laptop.  So after talking to the “Geek Squad”, I have to take it back in to Best Buy.  But Best Buy is never ever EVER a quick easy trip (which is why Marc always does it).  But he is gone, so I will have to go along with the boys.  It won’t be tonight.  We HAVE to hit Sam’s tonight for much needed diapers and wipes and that outing alone after work will be plenty.  So I am planning on going tomorrow after work to have them fix or exchange it for us.  What a hassle.
Anyway, today (thanks for the prayers) has gone extremely smooth.  I got a lot done last night due to AJ going to bed at a 9:15 pm (a record, I think).  So this morning wasn’t stressful at all. In fact, I was able to get meatloaf burgers prepped for dinner this morning and the dishwasher unloaded.   It still took longer to drop off both boys than I thought (and I knew it would take a little while since it’s AJ’s first day).  But it went just fine.  The pass off from mom to teacher was smooth and he was practically asleep in her arms before I left the room.   Today hasn’t been super busy, so I popped in just a few minutes ago to see how he was doing and he was down for his second nap.  
Funny thing: When I dropped him off, I mentioned that he sleeps better swaddled.  It was more of an “if it helps you” thought than a hard rule.  So, AJ fell asleep in his teachers arms and rather than just laying him in his crib, she felt she had to swaddle him first.   I guess her and another teacher were trying to very carefully lay him down and wrap him without waking him.  I commended their effort but told them that it really wasn’t necessary.  If he’s sleeping then the battle is already won and no swaddling necessary. 
Anyway, they said he was doing so good.  Especially for his first day which is hit or miss for most babies.  He was happy and smiling and ate well and obviously was sleeping well.  I think I got some kinks worked out as well… I have to change the way I bring in his bottles, I need a few more items brought in for his basket, etc…  So all in all, it’s going well.  Of course, I had to peek in the window of Andrew’s room, too while I was there…ducking whenever he turned in my direction.  He, naturally, was doing just fine.
I haven’t heard from Marc today to see how his training is going.  Tonight, like I mentioned is Sam’s and burgers and other than that…not a whole lot planned other than pulling things together to start again tomorrow.

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