Who needs PJ’s

This will be quick.  I have to post from work since we currently have no ‘puter at home and today has been a busy one. 
So far things have been running pretty smoothly with just myself and the boys.  Granted, nothing is getting done above and beyond what is necessary, but that’s true quite often anyway.  However, like a good wife, I did water the lawn for Marc last night.
Tomorrow will be tricky though.  I am working all day (not sure if I would have agreed if I’d realized at the time that it would only be AJ’s 3rd day and Marc would be gone).  So I have to have both boys up and out and to daycare by 7:30.  This will be tricky.  They both may be sleeping in their clothes tonight. 
Tonight we are running to Best Buy right after work on the assumption that AJ was fed recent enough that he can make it.  Then I have mac & cheese in the crockpot for dinner.  Never cooked it in the CP before, but I didn’t want to wait another hour for dinner after getting home later than usual.  (Who knows how long Best Buy will take).  Then the usual evening events and I plan to get in bed early myself.  I’ve been blessed by my boys the last few days…they’ve let me sleep until about 8.  6 am will come awfully early tomorrow. 
Ok, hopefully I will have a computer tonight to post about.  Not that I will have time to post with my early bedtime goal.  Wish me luck.

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