Blueberry Binge

Oh last night was funny.   At least it is funny now.  Not necessarily funny at the time.  We have had a really long dry spell in our area and needed rain in a desperate way.  Well, prayers were answered last night when it rained hard straight from around 3pm until late in the evening. 
However, this meant picking up the boys from daycare in the pouring rain.  Let’s see if I can recap:
  1. Ride shuttle bus out to car… in the rain
  2. Drive back to daycare… in the rain
  3. Find no parking spot close, have to park a good distance away in a tight spot where my doors barely open… in the rain
  4. Carry the car seat and umbrella into daycare… in the rain
  5. Pick up AJ, along with bottles, extra clothes that he soiled, and paperwork.  I didn’t plan for anything more than just AJ, so I was juggling the heavy car seat with AJ in it, 2 bottles, clothes, paperwork and a very wet umbrella. 
  6. Juggle the heavy car seat with AJ in it, 2 bottles, clothes, paperwork and a very wet umbrella to Andrew’s class to find that he is in the gym on the third floor.
  7. Juggle everything up to the 3rd floor and find out that Andrew also had dirty clothes and more paperwork.  AJ starts crying.
  8. Juggle Andrew, the heavy car seat with AJ, two bottles, two sets of clothes, paperwork and wet umbrella back downstairs to the door. AJ is still crying.
  9. Make Andrew hold onto my pocket in the parking lot since I have no extra hands.  The umbrella is pretty much useless at this point, but I try to hold it up anyway and we all walk to our car juggling my items while AJ is screaming… in the rain. 
  10. Try to get both boys in their seats holding all my stuff and barely opening the doors due to the tight squeeze so that I have to lean against the car to buckle them in, getting completely soaked (more so that I already was if that is possible)… in the rain.  AJ screamed the whole trip home.
Needless to say, we didn’t make it to Best Buy and the question “why do I do this?” ran through my head all the way home.
A good note:  Andrew went pee on the potty at school and got two stickers.  His teachers where very excited and made it a big deal for him.  He was proud of himself.
And the rest of the night went much smoother.  We had our dinner which turned out just fine in the crockpot.  (Might consider doing it like that more often).  Even took the boys back out later in the evening (…in the rain) for a much needed but quick run to the grocery store.  Another good note, blueberries are in season and they are on sale, so I bought a couple pints.  I had to watch myself last night as I was cleaning them.  I caught myself on a blueberry binge.  I love blueberries. 
And… both boys were in bed last night by 9pm.  They are such good boys.  So that left me time to pull everything together for today (much more than usual since I am working all day), make some banana bread mini loaves, and get to bed by 11pm.   AJ did wake up around 3 this morning, just wide awake and happy and babbling and bright eyed…he was too cute.  Fortunately, he was back asleep within a 1/2 hour.  I had to wake both boys up this morning.  I don’t like doing that, but they were both happy this morning, so it wasn’t too bad.
So today, so far, it is running pretty smooth.  I must say I have a greater appreciation for single mothers out there and their challenges (like when do you even go to the grocery store or get a haircut?).  Fortunately, my situation is only temporary.  Marc comes home tomorrow evening and then only 5 more weeks of this.  Single moms – My hat’s off to you.

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