Hi, my name is Violet Beauregarde.

Well, that last few days have gone more smoothly than last time I posted.  Each day I learn a new trick that makes things easier.  Like on Wednesday, I found out I can park in a closer lot to pick the boys up.  Then yesterday, I went ahead and used my sling and took both boys on the shuttle bus.  Still not a fun process but getting better.  (Although I can’t imagine what this will be like in the winter.)   One step at a time.
Marc got home last night.  Yea!  I had been bragging to him all week about how good the boys were for me and how great they were going to bed and sleeping.  Well, last night it all went out the window.  AJ had a rough night and was up much more than usual and Andrew was up too for bit.  It really wasn’t a bad night, it was just a little funny since I talked them up and they did the opposite once he got home.   Needless to say after 4 days of training and not sleeping well in a hotel and then having to be an hour away this morning by 8, Marc is one tired man.  And the poor guy has to work around the house this weekend doing things that I can’t do with the boys, like mow.
We really don’t have much planned for this weekend.  Might hang out with some friends here and there and of course…there is much much housework to do (not much more than the minimum got done last week, sad to say).  And when I am not busy with the boys or housework this weekend, you will find me popping blueberries every chance I get.

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