What imagery…

This week has been a HOT one.  Wowsers. By the time I get the boys dropped off at daycare by carrying AJ in the sling, You would swear my shirt should be soaked through. Not a pleasant image….sorry. 

This week is going fine other than the heat and poor Andrew not really being able to get out and run. By the time it cools to something manageable it is bedtime for the kid. Although last night, I did let him run in the sprinkler a bit later in the evening while AJ and I sat on the lawn.  Speaking of the Andrew. He has a touch of a summer cold. Nothing horrible. Trust me, it’s not slowing him down. He is just stuffed up a bit, a little more sneezy and has a cough that sneaks up when he sleeps.
Yesterday morning was very exciting. We watched the usually very boring NASA channel bring in the Discovery Shuttle. Andrew was just as fixed to the tube as I was. He kept calling it an airplane and I kept telling him it was a space shuttle that flies up by the moon.  And Andrew’s newest favorite phrase is “Watch!”, “Watch this!” or “Watch me!“. Don’t worry, he hasn’t dropped the “Why?”, that’s still going strong.
Last night was interesting… we had a really bad storm hit around 10pm.  People lost power, trees down, etc..  I actually packed up a few things before bed just in case I had to get the boys to the basement in the middle of the night (not sure how I would have known to go the basement if necessary since I would be sleeping).  But we all survived just fine and everything was still standing in the morning.  I normally really enjoy storms, especially the lightening shows like we had last night, but without Marc home (not that he could have changed anything) I found myself a little more nervous in it.    But Andrew slept right through it and once I fell asleep, so did I.  As of 11:30pm (and it was still doing strong), the news said we had 3 inches of rain in the last 1.5 hours.  I’m no meteorologist, but that sounded like enough that I am not going to be watering tonight. 

Tonight there isn’t a whole lot planned.  I need to get a bunch of housework done and we are going to have chicken something for dinner.  I haven’t decided yet.  I bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner last night and we have tons of shredded chicken left over, plus I made some nice chicken stock with the leftover carcass last night.  (I really tried to think of a more pleasant word to use instead of carcass and nothing was coming to me, sorry.  There’s another image you can try to forget).  Right now I am leaning toward chicken tacos.  We have no shells, but we do have tortilla chips.  Not the most healthy dinner, but it’ll do.

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