They don’t call it Toot Toot Thyme for nothing…

We are into week 3 of Marc’s training schedule where he is gone most of the week and I get to parent alone.  We miss him while he is gone, but overall so far this week is going just fine.  I don’t know that I have too much to post about and probably nothing too exciting to read. 
We went to Ohio this weekend to meet my family.  It was good for both my folks and the boys.  Andrew had a blast with cousin Gideon – swimming in the lake, playing on the playground and at the house and in the sprinkler, etc…  He did lose his footing for a second in the lake which about gave me a heart attack, but grandma was right there to swoop him up and he recovered nicely.  Marc and I enjoyed ourselves as well.  It’s always relaxing there and Marc got in plenty of fishing. 
We had our annual rib-off again, which is always incredibly good.  We had five entries this year, with our entry’s name as “Toot-Toot Thyme” (due to the spicy nature of the sauce).  Of course, everyone had their own favorites but no “winner” was established.  We also celebrated Marc’s upcoming birthday with candled sugar cookies.
Not too much is planned for this week.  We did get our computer back last night after I finally sucked it up and went to Best Buy with the boys.  However, they wouldn’t take their loaner back since I didn’t have the right paperwork with me (how dumb).  I later found out Marc had the paperwork in my car the whole time.  But oh well, they can now wait until this weekend to get their computer back.  So, I have a laptop for each hand…. if only I were ambidextrous.
The boys are just fine and behaving well.  I have a whole list of things I want to get done, but it nothing more exciting than cleaning, projects around the house, phone calls to make, etc…    Sorry this isn’t more exciting.  You took the time to check in, and I bored you to sleep.  Sorry.

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