Cabin Fever in the Summer?

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. We’ll see if I can get you caught up without boring the snot out of you.

We had a nice weekend. After a ‘fend’ dinner on Friday, we met up with the Steve & Kelly (who have a little guy around Andrew’s age) at Diary Queen for cool treat since it’s been SO hot outside. However, Andrew had little interest in his ice cream since there was SOMEONE ELSE TO PLAY WITH!! We came home and put the kiddos to bed and popped in Pirates of the Caribbean I. However, before Jack and Will even sailed away from the village, I was out cold. I could not stay awake for the life of me. And it wasn’t even 11 yet.

Saturday, Marc got up early and went fishing with Geoff. I cleanup and watched the boys until he got home… then I got to go out to lunch with Kelly. Woo Hoo. Just us girls and no kiddos. We even did a little shopping afterward. She has 3 little one so hopefully it was as nice (if not nicer) break for her as it was for me. We didn’t do too much the rest of the evening. I felt almost as if we were trapped inside. It’s been so hot lately that even though it is beautiful, we are stuck indoors. I hate to even complain about it since during the winter time I would give me left ear for sunshine, but man, it’s been a little much lately. (I just realized that I typed ‘me’ instead of ‘my’ in the previous sentence…but since I have written about pirates I’m going to leave it. Go ahead, re-read the sentence in your best pirate voice).

Sunday was Marc’s birthday. His GOLDEN birthday. He turned 30 on the 30th. Unfortunately, the poor guy had to work quite a bit. The lawn desperately needed mowed (he’s been gone so much and it’s been so hot that it hasn’t gotten done). Plus he had laundry and packing to do for his trip again this week. However, after naptime we did celebrate with a cake. I made his favorite Grandma B’s cake. He had candles and we sang Happy Birthday and I think Andrew enjoyed the event the most.

And, we had a sitter come over in the evening so Marc and I could go out to dinner. We hit our usual Rio Grande for the free birthday dinner, but that’s after we went to the restaurant closest to us only to find out that it closed. We had to hussle to the other one a little further away since we had a movie to catch. Dinner was really nice even though the food and service was just ok. (My ribs were cold and had to be sent back. I didn’t get them back until Marc was completely done eating). We then went and saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie…which was interesting for lack of better words. I’m glad we watched it, but I won’t say more in case you haven’t seen it. And when we got home, according to the sitter, the boys did great (even though Andrew snuck out of bed).

That brings us to today. Another super hot one. We’ve been under a heat advisory all day. And holy cow, work was SO busy!! Since it was so hot, I decide that I wanted to where my capris to work. However, my comfy shoes that I wear everyday just don’t work with those pants, so I wore my heeled sandals. M.I.S.T.A.K.E! It was crazy so now my feet are really achy. I also called daycare today to see if we could hang out a bit longer than my usual pickup time. See, I think I mentioned this before, but I pick up Andrew right when his class is either heading to the gym or outside. This breaks Andrew’s heart as he lives to go to either place. But since it’s been SO hot lately, I feel like he’s been stuck inside lately. So instead of going home when I got off work, I picked up AJ and went with Andrew’s class up to the gym so he could burn off some energy. Tonight was leftovers for dinner, tubs for both boys and now that they are in bed, I am getting ready to pay bills. Good times.

Ok, I’ve bored you enough and I’ve written enough.

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