I hope I get an "A"!

I did it. Call me crunchy, roll your eyes…. but this mama’s gone even deeping into granola-hood. I signed up for a class on babywearing. I just found out this afternoon that there are classes locally that will teach you how to wear your baby. Now, after reading the class desciptions, I signed up for the advanced class since I kinda self taught myself all the basic stuff from the web. I got the sling and I got the wrap and I use them both so very much (in fact, it’s a bummer I didn’t find out about them until my second child). Now, hopefully I can use them in newer, cooler, even more useful ways… like carrying on my back. I am very excited about it. I will have to work something out with what to do with Andrew (I am assuming I take AJ with me, I have an e-mail in to confirm that, though) as the class starts at 6pm and Marc won’t get home until 6pm or a little after. But I’ll figure something out.

AND – get this, there is a group of babywearing mamas that meet twice a month RIGHT NEAR MY HOUSE and at a time that would work with my work schedule. It sounds like just a nice social thing, bring the kids, let them play, the moms chat, etc… I can’t make the next meeting, but will definatly consider checking it out after that! And here I thought I was the only one who garage sales with 5 yards of fabric wrapped around me and two little feet sticking out.

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