“This afternoon will be better, I can feel it.”


What an all out crummy one. I was counting down until bedtime at two in the afternoon. AJ turned into this collicky thing that I had to keep in my sling the entire rest of the day (mind you….it HAD to be in the sling…he didn’t even want me to just hold him). He hardly ate and would scream whenever I tried to feed him. He finally ate shortly before he went to bed at 7ish and has been sleeping since (after again, some bouncing….don’t judge me).

Now, let’s get to Andrew. Not only was he miserable all day, but I fried his brain too. I let that kid watch TV all stinking day. He was so hot and felt so crummy that he would just sit on the couch with his B’s, paci and blanket. At times I could hardly tell he was awake. We did go back out for another walk later in the afternoon, merely because I might have lost my mind if we didn’t. But Andrew rode in the wagon and AJ was in my wrap.

Around 6 Andrew was really burning up, so I gave him another dose of Tylenol… that he threw up all over the carpet mere seconds later. But, he didn’t eat anything today, so whatever he threw up (and plenty of it) must have been from last night. Man, it was so disgusting. Of course, cleaning it up meant putting AJ down which meant mopping up stinky pink chunks off the carpet while AJ is screaming. I use carpet cleaner and everything and I don’t think the stain is coming out. So once again, I made us get out of the house to escape the smell of the puke and carpet chemicals. We just sat in the front yard (well, I walked AJ who was very worked up by this point) and Andrew, who actually seemed to get some life and appetite back once he tossed his cookies, ate a few graham crackers with some water.

Both boys got a tub tonight and now, for now, they are both sleeping. And with no vain in my voice, THANK GOD! I pray that they sleep well tonight or at least much better than last night. I did give Andrew some more Tylenol before bed as his fever was jumping up again… so here is hoping it stays down and does it’s job.

So, to treat myself for my miserable day (there, I said it…miserable), I am cooking this recipe. I shouldn’t “reward” my day with junk food, but man, this sounds good. Chocolate….take me away!

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