Homestretch? Maybe?

Well yesterday was going much better in the morning.  In fact, during the morning, Andrew was about 90% back to his usually silly self, running, talking, jumping, laughing.  AJ was still stuffy, but didn’t seem as cranky (although I still can’t get him to sleep more than 30 minutes for nap).  We all got better sleep that night.  It was still pretty rough for a while.  Andrews temp spiked again enough for me to pull out our pediatrician’s book to find out when to call.   Around 2am, both boys were in bed with me and we all finally slept.


However, Andrew only took a little over an hour nap yesterday.  Then we decided to go for a walk since it was actually a really nice temperature with a nice breeze.  I took AJ in the stroller and Andrew pushed his trusty mower.   Well, I knew something was up when he didn’t want to push anymore and just ride in the stroller.   We really weren’t ready to go back into the house, so we walked home, I put AJ in the sling and Andrew rode in the stroller the rest of the walk (a nice workout for me).  Sure enough as soon as we got home he asked for blanket, which is a sure fire sign his fever was back.   Within minutes he was curled up with Veggie Tales, his paci, his B’s, his constant whiny “Mommy”, and his 104 temp.  My poor boy.


Last night was supposed to be an exciting night.  It’s Blues Clues 10th Anniversary so there was an hour-long prime time special on that I knew Andrew would absolutely love.  But it didn’t start until 8pm and Andrew really need to sleep.  So I put him down at 8pm and taped it for him. 


Last night was a little rough again as both boys ended up in my bed and Andrew woke up about every 30 minutes whining “Mommy”.  He was burning up and it broke my heart.  If I didn’t have AJ with me, we might have made the trip to the med center.   However, in the middle of the night, the fever seemed to break and he slept in this morning until 8:30am.


This morning seemed much better.  He was still not back to busy Andrew, but not so hot and not to fussy and lethargic.  He still didn’t eat anything this morning and I took him to Rainy Day daycare instead of his regular class.  I am hoping that I can get out of here early today to pick the boys up.   I am taking the boys to the Dr tomorrow (AJ’s well baby visit), so I will have them check both their ears while there.  So, maybe, just maybe, we are nearing the end of this stinky stretch.  Thanks for the prayers.

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