And the Stats are:

Height – 25.5 inches
Weight – 14lbs, 8oz.
Head Circumference – 16.5 inches

And the poor kid got 4 shots and 1 oral vaccination. What a trooper. He was pretty close to average in height/weight. And overall, he was doing and growing just fine and smiled through the entire exam up until the shots. He can officially start cereal anytime, but I don’t think I will try this week. The dr said to offer it for breakfast and before bed…but I might try in the afternoons so that he can get it at daycare. I am struggling to keep up with his bottles while he’s there. And once again today, his daycare worker said that I need to send MORE milk with him. Augh.

Things are going much better around here. It’s still crazy, but not too bad. Andrew seems to be feeling better and went to his regular daycare class today. He is still more cranky and needy-ier than usual, and still sleeping in my bed come 2ish in the morning, but I think he is feeling better. I did have the dr check Andrew’s ears and they looked fine, so she said it could have just been a bug he picked up.

Our morning was busy since we had the dr appt then I wanted to squeeze voting in before work, also. They gave Andrew an “I VOTED TODAY” sticker, so he was telling everyone this morning that he ‘boated’.

We had some excitement last night. While on a walk, all of a sudden we heard sirens getting louder and louder and pretty soon 2 fire engines and a chief’s truck pulled up to the house next to where we were (we had stopped and chatted with a neighbor). The firemen (& women) where all in their duds and whatnot. The house has a trash fire that ended up being nothing, but it was still very exciting…especially for Andrew. Plus, all us nosy neighbors came out to see and I got to meet more of them. The whole event set us back a bit and by the time we had tubs, it was getting past bedtime, but it was pretty cool.

Ok, well, thank you all for the prayers. Things really are going better… although I will be SO thankful when Marc walks through that door.

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