I need a T-shirt that says: I survived the fishing trip of 2006.

Marc is home!  Marc is home!!

He got home around 10:30 this morning and within 30 minutes was in bed.  They decided to leave last night and drove through the night from Canada to Ohio where they got in around 7 this morning.  Then he drove back up here.  So, he is understandably tired.  Both boys are down for a nap, too…  so I have some much appreciated quiet time.

Let’s see.  Yesterday was craziness at work.  Busy busy.  Then I got to daycare to find out that AJ “needed extra attention”.  That boy seems to be struggling there lately.  Which is very frustrating for me.  I think I am in countdown mode now.  

Then last night, I wanted to have a fun night.  So after I picked up AJ, I went to pick up Andrew who of course was just getting ready to go play on the playground.  Since we had no plans, AJ and myself went out there with him and let him play a bit before heading home.  Once home, I fed AJ, changed the boys, packed a few things and we were off again.  We hit Wendy’s drive through and took our dinner to the airport observation area.  Andrew’s been asking to go for a while.  The weather was perfect, AJ fell asleep in the car, there was plenty of air activity, we took a ball… it was just really good night.

We then did a little grocery shopping.  That’s not exciting, but I did pick up a box of ice cream sandwiches that we got to eat outside when we got home.  Then both boys were in bed by 8:45 and I had the night to myself.  I didn’t do anything, but it was still nice.  And…  for the first time in a week… both boys slept well!!  Andrew slept in his own bed all night and AJ only got up twice.  Since I was in bed by 11pm, we were all happy campers this morning when we got up around 7:30.  Finally!

This morning, I did a lot of cleaning.  A lot.  Then when Marc got home and went to bed, the boys and I went for a walk to try to keep the house quiet until naptime.  The weather is beautiful here today.  Nice and warm, but cool enough to have the A/C off and the windows open…which in and of itself, makes everyone feel better.  

Well, this weekend is starting off so much better than last one.  And to top it off, it is Marc and my 6th anniversary.

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