A Series of Unfortunate Events

Well, yesterday was my babywearing class…. which was somewhat dissapointing.    And not because the class was bad, but because there really was no class.  First of all, I was really the only one signed up for it since babywearing hasn’t really caught on yet in our neck of the woods.  Then the facility where we were having the class didn’t leave the key for the instructor, so we were stuck out on the lawn of the building.  Then, her sitter bailed on her (she brings her baby to demonstrate, but also brings a sitter to watch him while she teaching/helping others.)  We tried to go over a few things on the lawn, like a mini crash course and it started to rain.
All in all, it really wasn’t a bad hour and I don’t feel it was a waste of my time.  Did I learn anything?  Not really – other than there is a new baby carrier that I love.  But it was nice chatting with her.  She felt awful about the whole thing and offered to refund my $10.  I really don’t feel like it was her fault all these things happened…or that she didn’t have her stuff ‘together’.    It truly was just a series of unfortunate events.  So… I am still interested in the class and think I will try again next time it is offered.

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