Fire Engine Number Four

Fire Engine Number Four was going around our neighborhood this morning, checking all the hydrants, hooking them up to thier hose and spraying water everywhere to clean the hydrant out.  Of course, Andrew, AJ and myself were right there on the sidewalk watching.  Andrew even followed them to the next hydrant to watch again.  The firemen were very nice and waved to him and even offered to let him sit in the engine.  To this offer, Andrew said yes, right up to the point of actually lifting him up to the door.  Then he refused.  Oh well.  It was interesting to watch.  
Later when we were back inside I asked Andrew what the firemen were doing outside fully expect an answer such as “spraying water”, or “cleaning the hydrant” or even “riding the engine”.  But instead he said that they were “keeping Andrew safe and keeping baby AJ safe and keeping Mommy safe” as he pointed to each of us.  Kinda surprised, I went along with it and we had a nice little talk about fire and how he should try to get to the mailbox if there were a fire, etc… 
Ironically enough, as we were heading to work/school this morning, we saw Fire Engine Number Four driving back to the FireHouse.  There, Andrew promptly told me that the the fireman where going back to take a nap because they were tired.

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