Oh, they would put me in the zoo if they could see what I could do!

I only had a three-day workweek this week.  Nice.  Due to a scheduled then canceled meeting at work, I decided to take today off.  And a good day it was.  The morning started out how it usually does each day.  Then I gave Andrew a little bit earlier lunch and nap so…

… We could go to the ZOO!!

Yup, both boys and myself went to the zoo this afternoon.  And although out local zoo itself is nothing (and I truly mean nothing) to write home about, it was a nice afternoon.  Because school is back in session, we really had the place to ourselves.  We took our time with plenty of breaks (snacks, potty, nursing, etc…), even hit a few things twice (wooden train Andrew liked to play on), and were still done in 3 hours.  Which is just about the right amount of time for a 2 year old and infant.

I took the stroller and the sling and alternated between AJ riding/Andrew walking and AJ in sling/Andrew riding.  We took water and snacks.  The weather was perfect.  It was empty enough that Andrew could run a bit and not have to “hold on” all the time.  I think he really enjoyed it.  

However, at the aquarium, he found “Dory and Nemo”.  And when he saw Nemo, he got this sad look on his face and said that Nemo was sad.  I asked him several times why and with a look like he was ready to cry Andrew just kept answering, “Because he is.”   We really don’t let him watch Finding Nemo, since he has gotten upset/scared the few times he has seen it.

But we saw monkeys and turtles and penguins and flamingos and wallabies and other animals from all over the world.   But when I got him in the car the following conversation took place.

Mom: Andrew, did you have fun at the zoo?
Andrew: Yes.
Mom: Did you see lots of animals?
Andrew: Uh huh.
Mom: What was your favorite animal?
Andrew: Jippy.

…Jippy (Andrew’s pronunciation of “Jiffy”) is the name daycare gave any squirrel that they happen to see.   A squirrel that we saw crossing the walking path seemed to have made the most impact on my son’s trip to the zoo.  Goofy kid.

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