30 Months

Today is the day.  My toddler is 2 and a HALF.   That’s a big HALF.  That means he is on his way to being THREE!    Here is a quick run down of his favorites right now:

Singing – Cartoon themes (Veggie tales, Blue Clues & Little Einsteins), Deep and Wide, Happy Birthday, and his favorite… the Itsy Bitsy Spider
TV – Veggie tales, Blue Clues & Little Einsteins
Places – The Airport, the store (the kid wants to go grocery shopping every day), outside
Food – Hamburgers, raspberry yogurt, and spoonfuls of peanut butter
Phrases – “I have an idea”, “Mine hunee”, “where’s TB buttons?”
Activities – Running, running, running, jumping, running, jumping, playing with Kool-Aid play dough, jumping, running, running, playing with his salt tub, and jumping.

So happy half birthday to Andrew, my boy who currently loves his bubble baths, has Band-Aids on each elbow, and just can’t quite seem to reach his tricycle pedals just quite yet.  

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