Last Minute Fundraiser

This morning, I took AJ and we spent the first half of day at our friends putting on a very impromptu garage sale.  Each year there is an art fair by her house, so the streets are lined with cars.  Many houses put up garage sales to take advantage of the traffic.  So on Thursday of this week, we decided to do the same.   Since we did the zoo on Thursday and had a dinner get together Friday, I didn’t have much time to really pull things together.  But I took about 3 boxes worth of stuff and came away with most of it gone and $38.50 richer.  I could buy this or this or even this.  But alas, I had restraint and put the majority of the profits in our “date night/babysitting” stash.

However, right now I am kicking myself because I had this Marilyn Monroe bottle of wine that I just looked up on eBay and it is currently selling for $99.99.  Um… I sold it for $1.  ONE FREAKIN’ DOLLAR!   And of course, it was the FIRST thing that sold. Someone out there is rejoicing in my naivety.

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