One won’t start and one won’t stop.

AJ is now 5 months old.  Technically he got the green light to start eating cereal at four months.  At the time I thought…JACKPOT.  He was going through a growth spurt, daycare kept asking that I send more milk, and frankly… I was stressed trying to keep up.  However, since then he’s done a 180.  I took in one frozen bottle to keep in the daycare freezer so I didn’t have to bring three bottles each day.  And now I only bring two ‘fresh’ bottles daily.  But about half the time, he only takes one bottle while there and they have never touched the frozen bottle. (Needless to say, my freezer stash is growing…yea!)  I’ve also tried cereal a couple times since I got the go with no luck.  He is in no way shape or form interested and it just makes him infuriated that you would even suggest inserting such a foreign substance in his mouth.  I do believe that I do have a reverse-cycler on my hands.

In contrast, I have Andrew who tonight, we could not fill up.   He kept saying he was hungry and kept eating snacks, meals, and drinks.  We kept tell him he was going to get a bellyache, but it was like he had a hollow leg.  Plenty of cereal for breakfast, TWO hotdogs for lunch, yogurt and peanut butter crackers for snack.  Chicken and rice for dinner, and in shell peanuts with daddy before bed.  And he drank water like he’d been on a desert island the first 29 months of his life.  If this is a glimpse of what’s to come… I may have to figure out how to make my garages sales more profitable.

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