How would you like a giant sucker up your nose??

Well, last night was horrible with a capital H. On the good note, Andrew seemed to feel better last night, got his appetite back and slept pretty well all night. Now… AJ is another story. He has a simple cold and since he doesn’t have the basic ability to blow his nose, he couldn’t sleep, eat, use his pacifier, etc, since he could breath out of his nose… Did I mention that he didn’t sleep? And the few minutes he did, he sounded like an 80-year-old man snoring. I spent the night in the rocking chair because it just wasn’t even worth it to crawl back into bed for mere minutes. Finally, Marc thought to have AJ sleep in his car seat so that he could at least be upright a bit and once we got him down, I did get about 1.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Needless to say, I took him to Rainy Day today. His first visit to Rainy Day. And he gets to go back tomorrow. Poor thing. To an adult, this cold would be a minor inconvenience… pop a few Sudafed and grab a box of Puffs Plus and you are set. But to an infant who is very limited in the meds available and really only has the option of getting his nose sucked out by a giant blue bulb syringe… colds stink!

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