Four out of five days this week.

Well, we are becoming Rainy Day regulars.  Andrew is there today… he had a cough…again.  This time it is coupled with sneezes as well.  And the thing is, is that he doesn’t know he’s sick except for at night.  He’s his happy playful self…with coughing.  But if I were the parents of other kiddos in his class, I wouldn’t want him coughing and sneezing all over my kid.  So – to Rainy Day we go.  But when we got there his buddy, Myatt, was up there also and they were already running around playing ball before I even left. 
Nighttime is another story, through.  The poor kid could not sleep last night.  I don’t even know how many times he was up.  And even when he was in bed, I know he really wasn’t sleeping hardly at all.  He just coughed and coughed. 
So, I am not sure if he just picked up the cold that AJ had earlier this week or whether this is just his bimonthly coughing spell.  Here’s hoping once the boys are out of daycare, they won’t get sick quite as often, cause at this rate, we should buy stock in couch meds.

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