Slow Down: Rant Ahead

Thursdays are not a good day for me. It should be, but it is not.

See, I have Bible Study in the morning from 9:30-11:30. So I have to get out of the house earlier, plus pack stuff for the boys during Bible Study along with all my usual gear (lunch, bottles, pumping equipment, planner, purse, extra clothes, diapers, etc…) for work/daycare. Not an easy thing to do. And it’s a women’s Bible Study, so we don’t start on time, which normally I would have NO problem with whatsoever. But, I need to have the boys to daycare by 11:30, so I have to sneak out of the study early (since we start late, I miss almost 1/2). I hate leaving early, since it’s a really good study. Then I have to race to get the boys ready to leave and get to daycare… Usually during this ‘race’, AJ is hungry and tired since he missed both his usual nap and feeding since he’s in childcare during the study, so he is crying as well. This is where I get frustrated because I didn’t want to leave, I am rushed, AJ’s crying and I am short with Andrew for no good reason. I have to try to find a parking spot (they are rare) since I don’t have time to ride the shuttle. I get Andrew dropped off and have to find a spot to feed AJ before I head to work. There really is not good place to feed AJ where he isn’t distracted, so it takes a while. Side Note: Andrew he is seriously going through separation anxiety lately and drop offs at the study, at church, at daycare, etc… have been a real challenge. Then I have to rush to work because it’s ‘team meeting day’ and the only day of the week where it would be an issue if I were to show up late. So by the time I get to work, I am so frazzled and on edge and it’s only noon. I know I only have 2 more Thursdays to deal with… but I really am not looking forward to them. This is sad. I guess these crazy Thursday’s make Fridays that much sweeter.

Plus another redeeming factor is that the Office and ER are one tonight! Woo Hoo!

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