The Paradox of Blogging.

It’s like when nothing it going on worth blogging about, I have all the time in the world to post. But when there are things happening, I have no time at all to blog.

October is an absolute crazy month for us. First of all, we are gone every weekend. That in and of itself is enough to drive us batty. With the two kids… leaving for a weekend means starting to pack the Wednesday before and not fully unpacking/recovering until the next Tuesday. Now do that 3-4 times in a row. Add to the fact that that I am quitting my job and feel like I need to pull things together for all the boys teachers and bring something for my department. Plus there are several doctors and dentists appts this month. Plus we are both in a Bible Study and have work to do with those. Then there are the random things that pop up (Like a night at ZapZone tonight) or getting our direct TV installed (a 4hr process) that we are squeezing in. We have something every night it seems. I haven’t even mentioned the regular items like grocery shopping, making dinner, cleaning, laundry, etc… I will look like this come November.

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