You want it when?

I told you the busier I get and the more I have to post, the less time I have to actually post and therefore I sum mass amounts of info into general boring statements…like…
Boring: This weekend was nice. 
Instead of expounding into all the fun little details of: Andrew and AJ got to dress up as Superman and a Vikings football player respectively and go trick or treating at the campground.  Or how Andrew is turning into a master negotiator.  Or how AJ is just the sweetest baby ever.  How Marc got bit and is on meds to prevent Lymes Disease or that I have a mere 3 days left of work after today. 
Boring:  We are SO busy
Instead of expounding on: We need to unpack, do laundry, pull items together for daycare and work for my last week, hit a doctor appointment for AJ, try to squeeze in my flu shot, get our Bible study lessons done and go to Bible study.  We need to get our dish installed, get our car fixed and pack because we are all gone next week.
Sorry there has been nothing exciting or creative to read lately.  All my creative juices have been spent trying to negotiate our time effectively lately.  It will get better.  And until then, bear with me and have a great week.

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