Adam who?

Today was another busy one.  We started this morning getting ourselves ready and out of the door to head to Adam’s doctor appointment.  By the way, Adam is our baby, AJ.  See, I was thinking that I should be sprinkling in his real name now and again because if all of a sudden he goes to kindergarten and finds out from a stranger named “Teacher” that his name is not, in fact, AJ, but rather Adam Jay… well, that like having the cashier tell you you’re adopted or the mailman breaking it to you that there is no Santa.  Plus the doctor’s office refers to him as Adam and his mother has to do an audio double take when she hears it.

Anyway, AJ had a good appointment.  He is 27 inches long (75th percentile) and 16lbs, 15ozs (little under 50th percentile).  He got the green light for solids, even though cereal is just now becoming somewhat tolerable.  But the poor thing had to have 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine.  Then, since we were all there, they decided that we might as well give Andrew his flu shot.  Surprise!  But he did really well and we talked a lot about how AJ had his flu shot today and Andrew had his flu shot today and Mommy will have her flu shot today.  

Once the appt was over we hit the store quick for a few items before heading home really just long enough to dump the diaper bag, pack the work/daycare bag and head out.  And Andrew had a good day today as far as letting me leave.  I know I mentioned this, but he is really going through separation anxiety right now… and it’s been SO challenging lately.  I even brought it up to his doctor today and she didn’t seem surprised or concerned by it, but advised to just keep encouraging him and explaining that we will be back soon.  Work was fine… not as crazy as yesterday.  Yesterday, we hit an all time record of 32 requests in one day.  I was beat.  Anyway, since today was slower, I left work a bit early, so I could pick the boys and head to the other campus before 5pm to get my own flu shot… which, by the way, hurt!  

Tonight, we had a quick dinner of BBQ chicken quesadillas, before Marc headed off to Bible Study and I started to work around the house.  Both boys are now in bed.  Sidetrack moment: Here’s something to pray about if you think about it.  We are struggling with the boys sharing a room.  Seems every night we end up putting AJ in our room because either he or Andrew will keep the other one up.  Ok, back on track.  So now, I have daycare thank yous to finish, unpacking and laundry to do, along with a mountain of paperwork, 2 days worth of Bible study lessons and some cleaning.   I am off.

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