Big Boys Don’t Cry.

This may seem petty to some, but I have a big praise. Andrew has been going through separation anxiety for a few weeks and each day seems to get worse. He used to be like, “See ya, mom.” and take off without looking back. Now I can barely leave the room. I’ve talked to his daycare teachers and his doctor about it and everything seems to point to it just being a normal phase. But it’s been a very challenging phase.

Well, this week it’s gotten worse to where he bawls when I drop him off at daycare. Not like a behavioral naughty cry, but a truly sad heartbroken cry that breaks his mom’s heart too. So I was really nervous about today’s Bible Study. If he acts that way at daycare… a completely familiar place, how much worse would he be at Bible Study, a fairly new environment? I was picturing it going worse than last week (and last week was rough) and thinking that he may just have to sit with me during the study (which I knew wouldn’t go well – you try to keep a 2.5yr old boy quiet and still). So I had really been praying about this specific drop off.

This morning came and we talked about it all morning. We were going to the house and Mommy was going to be upstairs and Andrew and AJ would get to play downstairs. Mommy would give Andrew two big-big hugs, then Andrew would go play like a big boy with no crying. We went over that scenario over and over. I even asked Marc if I should try bribing him if necessary. I packed along our Larry Boy (his favorite) tape as back up.

We got to Bible Study, I took him downstairs, and we went over the scenario one more time and you wouldn’t believe how good he did. He was amazing, thank you Lord! He didn’t cry or latch on to me. He didn’t rip my heart out by leaving him. He was an excellent little man. So, of course, all afternoon, we’ve been talking about what a GREAT job he did and how there were no tears and how proud Mommy was of him.

I am praying for one more day like to today for tomorrow – his LAST drop off at daycare.

(You got the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” song stuck in your head now, right?)
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